Little Bird Cafe

In a small American college town, sits a quiet observer. On the corner of Magnolia and Walnut, a tiny cafe hosts two small tables outside a square bustling with people. It’s Sunday and the square is radiating both from sun and joy. A small pop-up market is running, street music is going, kids are screaming with delight as they run through water fountains, and out of all the people there, no one seems to have a care in the world. From the outside, the whole thing feels like a dream all too perfect and joyous to be real. How lucky she is, the observer to glimpse a magical occurrence such as this. She herself feels filled from the scene and understands that this is some of the best of life’s offerings. What a gift. And the scene will continue to change into the night as the string lights come on and the families put their children to bed. This exact space will be filled with electricity and romance as people ponder their place and open their hearts to what’s available. How beautiful the sun feels on the observers freckled skin and how soulful the notes floating around her. She is filled with no remorse, no guilt, no pressure to be anything but what she is. She is currently fulfilling every purpose designed for her and should be no other place than this. Her heart! How it overflows!

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