It seemed so funny to her, having someone so physical. Growing up, she was constantly accompanied by souls from characters of books and imaginary friends. She confided and identified with them, growing so bonded that they created some sort of tangible existence in her, as her. But here, she was in uncharted waters. He, being very real, could talk and think of his own accord, not relying on her subconscious at all. Here, she would have to constantly adjust to his actions, his movements. Trying to maintain the meticulous balance she had searched so hard to find.

She also was unused to his faults. Being independent, he made mistakes. He was altogether imperfect both in physique and personality. But, in this great personal adventure of hers, she tried to see that with open eyes for exactly what it was. His humanity is what would make their love story great. She wanted to dance with him in the kitchen in the light of a Sunday morning. She wanted to awaken her heart to what could be. Walking into the bright, comfortable unknown.

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