I always wondered how the rocks feel, constantly being pummeled by the water. Being pushed and forced into decomposition molecule by molecule. Constantly giving a part of yourself away to the greedy liquid. How forceful.

I took a deep breath which resulted in a blissful lightheadedness due to the purity of air. I was literally surrounded by life. Each leaf stem and root was made up of cells, breathing, just like me. The perfect ebb and flow. What’s necessary to one is waste to the other. I didn’t understand how people didn’t see God in nature and science. It was literally staring them in the face and they never wanted to admit the obvious perfection that was our place in creation.

I stared at the water and admired it. It’s free flowing nature is often considered gentile, pure. But how, if given time, it is the most forceful thing. Carving entire landscapes in its ever changing forms. Leaving the hard earth unrecognizable to itself.

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