Welcome to “In Her Words,” an anonymous blog to tell the world how you really feel.

The following are participant guidelines so that when you feel like it’s time to participate, we’re all on the same page in letting our voices be heard.

  1. All names should be changed to protect the innocent and guilty. 😊
  2. All blogs are anonymous – no names, emails or any identifiers will be tied to the blogs.
  3. All blogs are labeled as non-fiction.
    1. These stories are based in truth – how you feel, FOR REAL.
  4. We don’t have to know who you are.
    1. Email from a new, anonymous email address if you’d like, since your name comes up when you email someone.
  5. Share your piece within the email when you send it.
    1. It’s better from a formatting standpoint.
  6. Again, we will edit your piece lightly. Proofread and clarifications, basically.
  7. Share one piece or share five. All up to you. There is no limit on submissions.
  8. Feel free to share your blog or ANY other blog on the site if you feel a connection to it or think someone will benefit from it.
  9. The whole purpose is to know that you’re not alone – EVER!

When submitting your piece

At the top, please add:

  • Genre: What style of writing would you say it is? Guess. We may change it.
  • Word length: Estimate of how many words are in your piece.
  • Topics you cover (this helps us with genre if you did guess): kids, professional life, personal life, spouse/life partner, significant other, sex, drugs, etc. or make one up!