Creating a Personal Time habit is as easy as brushing your teeth

It seems that we are always “too busy” to take care of ourselves. There are so many items in our lives that demand our attention, that at times, or better said, way too often we put our own personal time on the shelf. If we simply created a task for ourselves every day to have a little alone time, it’d be simple and create a habit.  We either dabble a little each day or we wait until the weekend and try to get it all in at once.

However, let me ask you a simple question — how often do you brush your teeth?  

Most of us will say, “When we get up (after breakfast)” or, “before bed.”  This is pretty close to what my dentist recommends each time I visit, as well as nicely advising me to make sure I’m using my floss. We all know that if we do as the dentist suggests our teeth will be their best pearly whites. This results in about 14 teeth brushing events a week, and not much time out of our super busy day, either. We manage to always fit that in, taking up about 5 minutes in the morning and evening.

Small steps have a big impact over our lifetime.

Anonymous, 3.9.22

So how does brushing our teeth twice a day relate to our personal time you ask?  Okay, what if we waited to brush our teeth until the weekend, like we do with managing our personal alone time? Seven brushing events on Saturday and seven on Sunday, would that accomplish the same thing as brushing daily? No, it doesn’t really cut it. Okay, what if we brush our teeth every other day? No, doesn’t accomplish what our teeth need to be their best pearly whites either. 

We need to do the same with our personal time and mental health. We need to take care of it daily, like brushing our teeth. We have made a habit of taking those few minutes each morning and evening to simply brush our teeth. We can take just a few minutes to do a few yoga poses, meditate, stretch, write in a journal, listen to our favorite song and dance it out, or whatever to aid in our own health each morning and evening. Being connected to our own being and what it needs each day will aid in making sure we are taking care of our whole selves. Starting a new habit takes continuous doing. Brushing our teeth became a habit that we do every day and we don’t even think about it!

Small steps have a big impact over our lifetime.